Bamburgh Castle | Magnificent Northumberland fortress

Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland is one of its largest inhabited castles, spanning over nine acres of land on its rocky plateau.

Here’s our guide to this magnificent, ancient fortress…

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Bamburgh Castle

Where Is The Castle?

For almost 1,400 years, Bamburgh Castle has guarded the magnificent Northumberland coastline in the North East. You can find this castle on the coastline above the Bamburgh Beach in the village of Bamburgh.

When Was It Built And By Who?

Underneath the Norman castle that we see now, there is some interesting early medieval archaeology.

A castle was erected in the sixth century as part of the advanced border dividing England and Scotland. According to legend, King Ida, one of the earliest Anglian kings of the north, must have built it in 547.

The name means ‘Bebba’s Fort’. Ida’s grandson most likely named it after his queen, Bebba (593-617).

What Is The History of Bamburgh Castle?

From its establishment in c. 420 until 547, the site was a Celtic Brittonic fort, Din Guarie. It may have been the capital of Kingdom Bernicia. The fort changed hands three times between Anglo-Saxons and Britons until falling under Anglo-Saxon authority in 590.

Vikings demolished the fort in 993, and the Normans rebuilt a new castle on the site, which now serves as the nucleus of the current one. In 1095, it became the possession of the English monarch after a revolt led by the castle’s owner.

Financial troubles caused the castle to deteriorate in the 17th century. However, its successive owners in the 18th and 19th centuries rebuilt it. Eventually, the Victorian-era entrepreneur, William Armstrong, purchased and restored it.

William Armstrong

The Armstrong family still owns the castle, which is available to the public. The contemporary renovation of the building as a “fairy-tale” castle took place between 1894 and 1905. The interiors are richly panelled and full of Edwardian melancholy.

The basement and kitchens are the only important medieval rooms aside from the keep itself.

How To See The Castle Today

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