Lincoln Castle | Home To The Magna Carta

Lincoln Castle in England is one of the best preserved Norman castles in existence. It was built by William the Conqueror following his victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Lincoln Castle

The castle has been used as a prison, a royal palace, and a military garrison.

One of the few surviving copies of the Magna Carta, one of England’s most important historical documents, can be seen there too.

Today, Lincoln Castle is open to the public and is well worth a visit if you’re interested in English history or architecture.

A Brief History of The Building Of Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle was built following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 on the site of a Roman fort, from the 1st century AD.

The castle was designed to protect Lincoln from attack and to serve as a royal residence. It was constructed using the latest technology of the time and was one of the most advanced castles of its day.

The castle is built on a hill overlooking the city of Lincoln and has a square Norman keep, four corner towers, two mottes (mounds) and a Bailey, which is a courtyard. It also has a chapel and a moat, which was used to defend the castle from attackers.

The walls of the castle are up to twelve feet thick in some places.

Uses Of Lincoln Castle

King John

The castle was used as a prison from the 12th century and used to imprison people who had committed crimes against the crown. It was used to imprison some of England’s most famous criminals, including the famous highwayman Dick Turpin.

The castle was also used as a royal palace. King John of England stayed at the castle in 1216. King Henry VIII also stayed at the castle. King George III and Queen Charlotte stayed at the castle while they were visiting Lincoln.

The castle was used as a military garrison during the English Civil War and during the Second World Wars.

The castle is now a tourist attraction. It is open to the public all year round.

The Magna Carta at Lincoln Castle

The castle is famous for holding one of the few surviving copies of the Magna Carta, signed in 1215.

The Magna Carta is a document that guaranteed certain rights to the people of England and helped to establish the rule of law. A copy was sent to all the important cities in the country. Lincoln’s copy is one of the few that have survived.

Lincoln Castle is there a great place to visit if you’re interested in English history and has a wide range of historic buildings and exhibits to explore. The Magna Carta is just one of the many fascinating things to see at Lincoln Castle.

Visiting Lincoln Castle

Lincoln is about 150 miles north of London, off the A1 northern road.

Here are directions to the castle once in Lincoln (from the castle itself)

Lincoln Castle is located in the heart of Lincoln’s historic Cathedral Quarter.  This area is sometimes referred to as ‘uphill Lincoln’ and is full of quaint streets and independent shops, including the Bailgate shopping area and Lincoln’s famous Steep Hill – voted Britain’s Best Street.

The castle is open 7 days per week from 10am to 5pm in spring/summer and from 10am to 4pm in autumn/winter.

Day tickets for admission to the castle are £15 for adults, with discounts for bulk purchases and children/concessions


Lincoln Castle is a must-see for anyone interested in English history or architecture. The castle is one of the best preserved Norman castles in existence and played an important role during the Norman Conquest.

Today, Lincoln Castle is open to the public and features many exhibits on its rich history.

It’s also one of the few places in the world that you can get to see the Magna Carta.